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Maintenance and Outage Notification

MASS IX participants will be notified of service-affecting maintenance or outages by email through the technical mailing list, details of which are available at

Important Information Regarding MAC Filtering

MASS IX only permits 1 MAC address per port. During turn up, customer’s routing equipment is put into quarantine status to check for common configuration mistakes and to prove that it is suitably configured to participate in the peering fabric. Once verified, customer is placed out of quarantine, moved into production VLAN, and the MAC address of customer’s routing equipment will be noted and configured. The configured MAC address will stay locked and enforced using L2 ACL. No frames with different source MAC addresses are allowed to enter the peering fabric.

The implementation of MAC filtering is important to protect the MASS IX peering infrastructure against loops. Customers who intend to swap routers or otherwise change their MAC address should coordinate this change in advance with the MASS IX NOC or by simply emailing us at . In the event of after-hours emergency necessitating a MAC change, please call our NOC.

Emergency 24x7x365 Support

Technical Support Summary

US (Toll Free) Phone: 844 290 TWDX
Hours: 09:00 to 18:00 EST (GMT -5), Monday to Friday
24h Emergency: +1 617 849 7278 Extension 500